pic microcontroller projects for EEE students

Pic microcontroller projects are very popular among Electrical and electronics engineering students. PIC microcontrollers are family of microcontrollers designed by microchip.Pic microcontrollers used Harvard architecture. PIC microcontrollers are available in wide range starting from 8-bit to 32-bit microcontrollers. Dspic microcontrollers are also very famous in digital signal processing field. PIC16F family of pic microcontroller is very famous among engineering students and professionals. Pic microcontroller projects list is given below. PIC16F series of microcontrollers are used in almost all projects in this list.

pic microcontroller projects

pic microcontroller projects

Every year many electrical and electronics engineering students are working on different pic microcontroller projects. Pic microcontrollers are very famous among engineering students. PIC microcontrollers are easy to use due to easy to use compiler Mikro C. In this article, I have listed a best pic microcontroller projects. These projects contain complete circuit diagram, simulation and programming. I tried to cover each and every thing in these articles.If you want to include your project in this list, write in comments. I will love to share your project with others.

 List of pic microcontroller projects for EEE students

Following is a list of pic microcontroller projects for EEE students.

  1. Digital AC Ameter  : This  is designed to measured AC current with the help of pic microcontroller. Liquid crystal display shows values of ac current. Difference amplifier and shunt resistor is also used in this project.
  2. Digital AC voltmeter : This  measured alternating voltage with pic microcontroller and displays voltage value on LCD. This project can be used to measure voltage up to 400 volt AC. potential transformer, bridge rectifier is also used in this project.
  3. Digital AC watt meter :Digital AC watt meter is used to measure AC active power with the help of pic microcontroller. Liquid crystal display is used to show power values on lcd. Zero crossing detection, power factor measurements circuits are also used in this project.
  4. Speed control of dc motor : This  is designed to control speed of dc motor by pusle width modulation. PIC16F877A microcontroller is used to generate PWM.
  5. Digital temperature sensor : Digital temperature sensor is designed to measure temperature using LM35 temperature sensor and pic microcontroller. LM35 temperature sensor measure temperature and pic microcontroller reads temperature using analog to digital converter.
  6. Digital frequency meter: This project is designed to measure frequency of different waves using pic microcontroller. Microcontroller interrupt and timer is used to measure time period of square wave which is converted into frequency using time and frequency relationship.
  7. Digital humidity sensor: Digital humidity sensor is designed to measure humidity level in air. HS1101 capacitive humidity sensor is used in this project. HS101 capacitance changes with change in humidity of air. 555 timer circuit is used to convert change in capacitance into  change in frequency. Micorontroller reads change in frequency and converts frequency into humidity level.
  8. Green house intelligent control system : This is designed to automatically control green house lights, water pumps, fans and sprayer. Light sensor, humidity sensor, temperature sensor and moisture sensor are used in this project. Microcontroller PIC16F877A reads values of all these sensors and take necessary action according to build in programming instructions.
  9. Automatic control of street lights : This  is designed to control street lights automatically. Street lights will turn on automatically in evening and turn off automatically in morning. LDR based light sensor is used to measure intensity of light in this project. Microcontroller reads light level from LDR and provides on/off signal to relay. Relay according to signal provided by microcontroller turn on or turn off street lights.
  10. Line follower robot using: Line follower robot is designed with the help of pic microcontroller. Line follower robot follows a back line. Seven IR sensors are used to track black line and keep update microcontroller about the position of robot. L293D dc motor driver ic is used to control motors.
  11. Auto intensity control of street lights : This is designed to control intensity of street lights from evening to morning. This project controls intensity of street lights with the help of LDR based light sensors. Intensity of street light starts increasing, when intensity of light start decreasing in evening. When light level falls below a invisible level, street lights glow with full intensity. After 12:00am at midnight intensity of street lights start decreasing and street lights turn off automatically at 1:00am and turn on only after detecting any vehicle on road.
  12. Solar power auto irrigation system: This is designed to control water pumps automatically. Moisture sensor reads moisture level using moisture sensor and automatically turn on water pump if water level is low a specified level. Solar system is used to provide power to water pump.
  13. Metal detector robot using : This  is designed for metal detection at remote locations where it is difficult to reach. This project has two parts, transmitter and receiver. Transmitter circuit detection metal and inform to receiver through RF communication.
  14. Power factor measurement meter : PF meter is designed to measure power factor of electrical loads. Zero crossing circuit is also used in this project. LCD displays power factor.
  15. Automatic transfer switch for generator : This is used to transfer load from main ac supply to generator automatically. This project also turn on generator automatically in case of outage of main ac power supply and turn off generator when main power supply restored.
  16. Smart under and over voltage protection system for home: This is designed to protect electrical devices from under voltage and over voltage. In case of under and over voltage, it automatically isolates loads from ac power supply and connect ac supply to load again when voltage come back to normal level.
  17. Time based solar tracking system : Solar tracking system based on time is designed ro extract maximum possible power from solar panels. Stepper motor rotates solar panels in the direction of sun light according to time using pic microcontroller and real-time clock DS1307
  18. Solar energy measurement system : This  is designed to measure solar energy using pic microcontroller. voltage and current sensor reads current and voltage value with the help of pic microcontoller and displays it on LCD.
  19. Smart solar charge controller : PWM base solar charge controller is designed int this project. Solar charge controller is used to charge batteries from solar panel. It also provides protection from over charge of batteries
  20. Pure sine wave inverter :  pure sine wave inverter is designed with the help of pic microcontroller.
  21. Automatic power factor correction : In  APFC is designed using current transformer, voltage transformer, zero crossing detector circuit, pic microcontroller and capacitor banks.
  22. Digtial DC voltmeter  is designed to measure DC voltage from 0-40 volt. Liquid crystal display is used to display voltage on LCD.
  23. Digital Ohmmeter circuit and project : Digital ohmmeter is designed  using pic microcontroller. Simple voltage divider rule is used to measure resistance. LCD is used to display resistance value. PIC16F877A microcontroller is used to design digital ohmmeter.
  24. Microcontrollers based Digital DC watt meter : Digital dc watt meter is designed using 16 bit PIC16F877A microcontroller with LCD display. Simple shunt resistor and voltage divider concepts are used in this project
  25.  digital clock : Real time digital clock is designed uisng PIC16F877A microcontroller and DS1307 real time clock intergrated IC. It shows time and date on LCD. Binary coded decimal real DS1307 IC is used in this project.
  26. Speed control of induction motor : This is designed to control speed of induction motor using variable frequency variable voltage method. Three phase Diode bridge rectifier, Three phase H bridge, Mosfet driver circuit is used in this project.
  27. Automatic electronic school bell using pic microcontroller  : Automatic electronic bell rings automatically at pre selected time. keypad is used to set time bell rining. PIC16F877A microcontroller is used in this project
  28. DS18S20 based digital thermometer : This project is designed to measure temperature using DS18S20 digital thermomter. LCD is used to display temperature on LCD.
  29. MCP9700 based digital temperature controller
  30. GPS based clock using pic microcontroller
  31. GPS coordinated on LCD


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