pic microcontroller projects for EEE students

Pic microcontroller projects are very popular among Electrical and electronics engineering students. PIC microcontrollers are family of microcontrollers designed by microchip. Pic microcontrollers used Harvard architecture. PIC microcontrollers are available in a wide range starting from 8-bit to 32-bit microcontrollers. Dspic microcontrollers are also very famous in the digital signal processing field. PIC16F family of pic microcontroller is very famous among engineering students and professionals. Pic microcontroller projects list is given below. PIC16F series of microcontrollers are used in almost all projects in this list.  This list contains pic microcontroller projects based on PIC16, PIC18 and Dspic microcontrollers.

pic microcontroller projects
pic microcontroller projects

Every year many electrical and electronics engineering students are working on different pic microcontroller projects. Pic microcontrollers are very famous among engineering students. PIC microcontrollers are easy to use due to easy to use compiler Mikro C. In this article, I have listed the best pic microcontroller projects. These projects contain a complete circuit diagram, simulation, and programming. I tried to cover each and everything in these articles. If you want to include your project in this list, write in comments. I will love to share your project with others.

 Complete list of PIC microcontroller projects:

  1. AC current meter using PIC16F877A
  2. AC voltage meter using PIC16F877A
  3. Speed control of DC motor using pic microcontroller
  4. Digital Temperature meter with PIC microcontroller
  5. Digital Frequency meter with PIC microcontroller
  6. Digital humidity meter using PIC16F877A
  7. Pure sine wave inverter circuit diagram with PIC microcontroller
  8. PIC based pure sine wave inverter complete design
  9. PIC based greenhouse intelligent control system
  10. Smart under and overvoltage protection system using pic microcontroller
  11. Smart PWM based solar charge controller with PIC16F877A
  12. Automatic control of street lights using pic microcontroller
  13. Line follower robot using pic microcontroller
  14. Automatic transfer switch for generator
  15. Buck converter design and implementation using pic microcontroller
  16. Boost converter design and implementation using pic microcontroller
  17. Buck Boost converter design and implementation using pic microcontroller
  18. Cuck converter design and implementation using pic microcontroller
  19. Auto intensity control of street lights using pic microcontroller
  20. Solar powered automatic irrigation system design
  21. Solar tracking system using lights sensors
  22. Metal detector robot using pic microcontroller
  23. Solar energy measurement using pic16f877a
  24. Time based solar tracking system project
  25. Zero crossing detector design using PIC16F877A
  26. Power factor meter with proteus simulation and design
  27. Single phase AC power meter with pic microcontroller
  28. Automatic power factor controller using pic microcontroller
  29. Digital DC volt meter using PIC16F877A
  30. Digital DC Ammeter design and implementation
  31. Digital ohm meter using pic microcontroller
  32. Digital DC watt meter using pic microcontroller
  33. Digital clock using DS1307 with PIC16F877A
  34. Speed control of single-phase induction motor using pic microcontroller
  35. AC power control with thyristor using pic microcontroller
  36. Digital sine wave frequency meter design with pic microcontroller
  37. Automatic electronics bell for school
  38. Digital thermometer using MCP9700
  39. Foot step voltage/power generation system using pic microcontroller
  40. Soft starter for three phase induction motor using pic microcontroller
  41. Automatic voltage stabilizer design and circuit
  42. Multi input charge controller for renewable energy
  43. GSM based home devices control system
  44. Humanoid robotic arm using pic microcontroller
  45. Digital electronics lock with keypad
  46. Bluetooth based home automation system using android phone
  47. Wireless phone-controlled robot design
  48. Digital multimeter design using pic microcontroller
  49. GSM based SMS receiver circuit using pic microcontroller
  50. Contactless tachometer design with pic microcontroller and speed sensor
  51. Password based circuit breaker using PIC18F46K22
  52. Bluetooth controlled Robot using Android application
  53. TV remote controlled home automation system using pic microcontroller
  54. Wireless electronics notice board using PIC18F452
  55. Vehicle Theft Intimation to the Owner on his Cell Phone by GSM with User Programmable Number of Features Using PIC Microcontroller
  56. Load Control Energy Meter Reading System Using PIC Microcontroller
  57. PIC based Vehicle tracking system using GPS and GSM module
  58. Electric Energy Theft Intimation System Using PIC Microcontroller
  59. parking management system project using pic microcontroller
  60. IOT Based Load Control Over Standalone Wi-Fi using pic microcontroller
  61. Three Phase Motor Drive Using Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation Technique
  62. RFID based electronic lock using pic microcontroller
  63. Three phase AC voltage meter using PIC18F452
  64. PIC based prepaid energy meter using GSM module
  65. PIC based attendance system using RFID module
  66. Three Phase Solid State Relay with ZVS using pic microcontroller
  67. Thyristor Controlled Power for Single Phase Induction Motor
  68. Thyristor Controlled Cyclo Converter design with pic microcontroller
  69. Esp8266 based home automation system using wifi
  70. accelerometer Based Hand Gesture Controlled Robot using Xbee
  71. Voice Controlled Home Appliances System using pic microcontroller
  72. Density Based Auto Traffic Signal Control with Android Based Remote Override System
  73. Efficient Energy Management System with Smart Grid
  74. Auto Power Supply Control System from 4 Different Sources Using PIC Microcontroller
  75. FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission System) By SVC using pic microcontroller
  76. Four Quadrant Operation of DC Motor Remotely Controlled by Android Application System
  77. Remote Monitoring of Transformer /Generator Health over Internet
  78. Display of Underground Cable Fault Distance Over Internet
  79. Detecting Power Grid Synchronization Failure System on Sensing Frequency or Voltage Beyond the Acceptable Range
  80. Flammable Gas and Fire Accident Prevention System with GSM
  81. Pic Based Ultrasonic Radar System for distance measurement
  82. IOT based temperature data logger using esp8266 and pic microcontroller
  83. Home security system using PIR sensor and GSM module
  84. Three phase AC power meter using pic microcontroller
  85. Automatic Wireless Health Monitoring System in Hospitals for Patients
  86. Monthly Electricity Billing Display System with Bill SMS Features
  87. Contactless Liquid Level Controller System using pic microcontroller
  88. BLDC Motor Speed Control with RPM Display System
  89. Vehicle Movement Based Street Light System Using PIC Microcontroller
  90. Factory Worker Alcohol Detector with Automatic Machine Shutdown System
  91. IOT Based ICU Patient Monitoring System using pic microcontroller
  92. GPS based clock using pic microcontroller
  93. Display GPS Co-ordinates on LCD using pic microcontroller
  94. PIC bases Automatic temperature controller
  95. GPS based speedometer using pic microcontroller
  96. gsm based dc motor speed control using pic microcontroller
  97. PC Controlled Stepper Motor System Using PIC Microcontroller
  98. XBee Based Device Control System Using Pic Microcontroller
  99. Accelerometer Based Tilt Sensor System Using Pic Microcontroller
  100. Accident Alarm System Using Pic Microcontroller
  101. XBee Based Temperature and Gas Monitoring System Using Pic Microcontroller
  102. dspic33fj12GP202 based sinusoidal pulse width modulation generation
  103. DsPIC33F microcontroller based pure sine wave inverter
  104. MPPT Based Charge Controller Using Pic Microcontroller
  105. Heart beat pulse sensor interfacing with pic microcontroller
  106. MPX4115A pressure sensor interfacing with pic microcontroller – Digital Barometer
  107. ACPWM control for Induction Motor using pic microcontroller
  108. Bidirectional Rotation of an Induction Motor with a Remote-Control Device
  109. Closed Loop Control for a Brushless DC Motor to Run at the Exactly Entered Speed
  110. Fire Plus Hazardous Gas Detection and Instant SMS Alerting System
  111. Power Meter Billing Plus Load Control Using GSM System
  112. Bill Prediction & Power Factor Measuring with SMS Alert System
  113. Touch Screen Based Home Automation System
  114. Ultra-Fast Acting Electronic Circuit Breaker using pic microcontroller
  115. IOT Smart Energy Meter using pic microcontroller
  116. IOT based Liquid Level Monitoring System
  117. IOT based Weather Reporting System using pic microcontroller
  118. IOT Based Toll Booth Manager System using pic microcontroller
  119. Coin Based Water Dispenser System using pic microcontroller
  120. Flame detector circuit using pic microcontroller
  121. Soil moisture measurement meter
  122. Rain detector circuit using pic microcontroller
  123. Gas detector circuit using pic microcontroller
  124. Three phase space vector pulse width modulation using pic microcontroller
  125. three phase sine wave inverter using pic microcontroller
  126. three phase variable frequency SPWM for VFD using pic microcontroller
  127. variable frequency drive 3 phase induction motor using pic microcontroller
  128. soft starter for single phase induction motor using pic microcontroller
  129. Programmable AC Power Control Using Pic Microcontroller
  130. AC Dimmer of Two Loads Using Single Controller
  131. Advanced Informative Blind Stick Using GPS and GSM Module
  132. Three Phase Induction Motor Protection System Using PIC Microcontroller

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