Home automation projects ideas for engineering students

Home Automation Projects: Home automation also known as Smart homes and Domotics is referred as to control, automate and switch on and off different types of devices commonly  lights, fans, cooling and heating appliances, plugs and other home appliances such as washing machines. Dryers, Water pumps etc. Home security is also a part of Home Automation. We can use password or fingerprint to enter in the house. PIR is used for motion detection. There are different ways to communicate with devices such as Wi-Fi, Infrared, RF, Ethernet, GSM, Voice and Bluetooth. Gas leakage, smoke and flame detection is also the part of home automation.home automation projects

If you are interested in home automation or want to make your smart or your university project feel free to visit our projects about home automation.

List of home automation projects

List of home automation projects is given below. I will keep updating this list with more embedded systems projects.

Esp8266 Based Home Automation project: This project is the example of Home automation using Wi-Fi. Their main component is the ESP8266    Wi-Fi module, pic microcontroller and relays to switch on and off devices. If your want to know how to interface ESP8266 with pic microcontroller visit our website there is a great tutorial about it. This system is very useful to control appliance from a long distance. If you are interested in this project please visit our website.

Bluetooth Based Home Automation Project using Android Phone: This project is used to control and switch device on and off in a small diameter as Bluetooth don’t have the range as Wi-Fi has. But this project is easy to use and very handy when you are a lazy person. It is used to control light, speed of fan etc. If you want to make it yourself for guidance visit project about home automation using Bluetooth.

Voice Controlled Home Appliances System using pic microcontroller: This project is very handy for making smart home. It uses voice as input to control and switch device on and off and opening or closing a door. Android phone listen the voice process it and send it to the microcontroller for further operations.

Automatic Temperature Controller: This project is used to control the temperature of a house. This project based on LM35 which is a precise temperature sensor. The user enters the reference temperature and the microcontroller switch on and off the cooler or heater to maintain the desire temperature. This is very useful to make temperature moderate.

GSM Based Home Devices Control: GSM based home automation project: This project is based on GSM module which in our case SIM300. The devices switch on and off when the GSM module receives some messages. We can control devices from a very long distance. If you want to build this project visit this project on our website.

DTMF Based Home Automation project: This project is based on DTMF which is used to control the appliances and devices. DTMF is the frequency generated by the keypad of which is decoded by IC and give output signal to transistor to operate further. It was new thing for your so try it yourself and visit our website to get more details about this project.

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