12 volt 1.3AH battery charger circuit diagram

12 volt 1.3AH battery charger circuit diagram, Battery charge for 12 volt 1.3 Ampere hour battery has been designed using L200 and with over voltage protection circuit. In this article, I am going to tell you about very useful battery charge circuit diagram. L200 voltage regulator  is used for control voltage purpose. Optocoupler is used for feedback to control voltage appearing across battery by turn on and off L200 voltage regulator.

Battery charger  have enormous applications from domestic use to industrial use. Battery charge as it name suggests is used to charge battery. Battery charger used in UPS battery charger , car battery charger, solar battery charger and many other enormous applications. In this article I am discussing 12 volt 1.3AH battery charger.

12 volt battery charger circuit diagram :

Circuit diagram of battery charger is given below. In this circuit diagram LED is used as a voltage indicator to show charging. When battery is charging, LED will glow. Otherwise it will remain off.

12 volt 1.3AH Battery charger
12 volt 1.3AH Battery charger

In above circuit diagram 220 volt to 24 volt step down transformer is used to step down voltage 24 volt AC. After that 4A rectifier is used to rectify voltage from AC to pulsating DC. you can used any 4A rectifier or can used 4A diode connected in full bridge configuration. After that 1000uF capacitor is used to remove ripples from pulsating DC. This contant DC voltage is fed to input of L200 voltage regulator.

L200 is linear voltage regulator which can supply contant 2A from voltage range of 3 volt to 36 volt.  L200 voltage regulator can provide variable voltage with ability to change the output voltage according to reference voltage. Check L200 data sheet to know more about it and its use in various configurations.

TLP251-1 optocoupler is used for feedback to change refrence voltage according to battert voltage. As battery voltage rises TLP251-1 decrease the voltage at the output of L200 by changing the value of reference voltage. Diode 1N4007 is used to limit output current to 700mA, Because 700mA current is safe to charge 1.3AH battery.

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