Power electronics projects

Power electronics projects, In this article you will get basic ideas of power electronics projects. I will talk about basic level projects of power electronics and then I will move forward towards semester level projects of power electronics and their applications in industry. At the end of this article I will give you ideas about power electronics final year projects. Mostly final year students do power electronics projects related to inveters and UPS only. But there are a lot of fields of power electronics in which you can work for your final year project. Lets start with question of why we need power electronics and why it has gained a lot of popularity in last 20-30 years.

power electronics projects ideas
power electronics projects ideas

Power electronics projects demand

Power electronics gained a lot of popularity in last 20-30 years because the demand to control power from one level to another level and from AC to DC form is increasing day by day.  For example In AC motor driver circuits we need to vary voltage and frequency to get variable speed for variable speed applications. Like wise in your computer power supply we need different level of DC voltages from single source 12V, 5V and 3V. Similarly there are enormous application of power electronics in AC motor drives, DC motor drives, HVDC, DC to DC converters, inverters, FACTS and UPS. you can work on all these projects as your final year project. That is why demand of power electronics projects are increasing day by day.

What you need to know before working on power electronics projects :

Just like to get admission in engineering field or to become an electrical engineer you should have good command in mathematics. Similarly before choosing power electronics project as your final year project, you should have background on following topics or you should work on these topics to complete your project successfully.

  • What is diode ? How diode works? How to choose diode for specific rating for your required project?
  • what are power transistor, MOSFET and IGBTs? How they work ? How to choose them for your project?
  • What is gate driver circuit? Why we need of gate driver circuit?
  • What is turn on and turn of time of semiconductor devices?
  • What is pulse width modulation? What is duty cycle? How to generate PWM?
  •  What is heat sink? How to use heat sink for protection?
  • What are snubber circuits ? And how to use them?

I will try to post articles on above topics in future one by one. For update about above articles subscribe to our blog to get updates in your email inbox or keep visiting our website.

Semester level power electronics projects :

These are semester level power electronics projects to get started to learn power electronics.

  1. Full wave rectifier for inductive load
  2. Battery charge using full wave rectification
  3. Buck converter using pic microcontroller
  4. Boost converter using pic microcontroller
  5. Buck boost converter using pic microcontroller
  6. cuk converter using pic microcontroller
  7. Square wave inverter using Sg3525 and pic microcontroller
  8. Thyrsistor firing angle control circuit using analog electronics
  9. Thryistor firing angle control circuit using pic microcontroller
  10. Variable PWM using pic microcontroller
  11. Variable PWM using analog electronics
  12. AC power control using thyristor and pic microcontroller
  13. Half bridge
  14. Full H bridge
  15. Push pull converter design
  16. fly back converter design
  17. Forward converter design
  18. Gate driver circuit design
  19. Half wave controlled rectification using thyristor and pic microcontroller
  20. Full wave controlled rectification

Final year projects on power electronics :

  1. Square wave inverter using pic microcontroller
  2. Modified sine wave inverter using pic microcontroller
  3. Sin wave inverter using sg3524 and pic microcontroller
  4. Three phase sine wave inverter using Arduino
  5. UPS circuit diagram
  6. single phase sine wave inverter using arduino
  7. transformerless inverter using sg3525 and pic microcontroller
  8. Soft starter for induction machines
  9. Solar system inverter using pic microcontroller
  10. Solar charge controller using pic microcontroller
  11. Wind charge controller
  12. Inverter for wind
  13. multilevel inverters
  14. AC voltage controllers
  15. Variable frequency drivers
  16. Static switches using thyristor
  17. Static transfer switch using thyristor and pic microcontroller
  18. Solid state relays
  19. Flexible AC transmission system
  20. Different voltage level Switch mode power supplies
  21. DC motor drivers
  22. AC motor drivers
  23. Hybrid pure sine wave inverter
  24. Grid tie inverter
  25. Pic based Power factor meter
  26. Pic based power factor controller
  27. Space vector pulse width modulation for three phase motor driver
  28. Soft starter for thee phase induction motor using pic microcontroller

There are many other ideas on power electronics projects. I am just try to give you basic idea about how to select your final year power electronics based project.

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