Getting started with Arduino UNO R3

Getting started with Arduino, In this article I have explained basics of Arduino hardware and software. How to use Arduino first time ? How to connect Arduino board with your computer? How to start learning Arduino? I have answered all the questions in this article. If you are beginner in Arduino learning, then this article is for you. Arduino is easy to learn microcomputer system. Many engineering students are using it in their projects and professionals also. Because it is ready to use board.

I have covered following things in this Article :

  • What is Arduino?
  • Application of Arduino.
  • Software for Arduino
  • How to program Arduino?
  • Basic over view of Arduino Uno R3 borad
  • What are Arduino sheilds?
  • Projects to get started with Arduino
  • From where to learn more about Arduino?

What is Arduino ?

Arduino is open source hardware board with many open source libraries to interface its on board microcontroller with many other external components like LED , motors, LCD, keypad, Bluetooth module, GSM module and many other things one want to interface with Arduino board. Arduino is basically make from a microcontroller but Arduino have all external socket to connect with other devices and it also have built in programmer which is used to program Arduino from computer. So Arduino is a complete board which include all things to connect with external peripheral and easy to program through computer. There are many Arduino borads are available. But in this article I will give you brief review of  Arduino UNO R3 which is very popular board among Engineering students.

Arduino is the one of the most excellent electronic platform of the 21st century, it has accompanied the entire micro controller system into a small and handy device. It is an open source hardware and anyone can used it due to its friendly and easiness and can be used to create complex project by simple programming algorithms. It is not only to use design and develop but also can test the prototyped and hardware infinite times. The hardware consist of different microcontroller depending on the model that you are using with other electronic components  which can be programmed using its own software the Arduino IDE to do almost any task starting from a simple LED glowing to building an Mars Rover and Drone Systems. The human friendly nature of the Arduino language makes it easier for everyone who want to build different prototypes and hardware for its own interest as well as for some industrial purposes. Additionally, it possess a simplified version of C++ which makes it easier to build programs at your own.

Arduino is intended for the people who want to play, run and build the complex hardware’s without knowing very much of the programming skills and algorithmic knowledge. It’s the best open source platform currently available in the market and has created another revolution and usage after its huge demand in the public. Since it is an open source hardware so most of the programs and hardware is available on the internet. The development cost of Arduino it extremely small as compared with the other tech giant’s microcontrollers.

Its software files includes the basic programs for a beginner in its source code libraries. A user can use them to make its project versatile and can further edit the program for improving its capabilities and it also possess strong online helping community platforms.

Applications of Arduino

Arduino is very easy to use for embedded system applications. Because of Arduino open source software availability and those who don’t have good skills in programming skills and but still want to work on embedded system project, they can easily use Arduino for their embedded system base projects development. One should only have idea about basics of electronics like how to use resistor, capacitor, transistor, diode and other basic electronics components to get started with Arduino. But if you  don’t know any thing about electronics, don’t worry I have discussed all things in Arduino tutorials.Followings are the few applications of Arduino :

  • Robotics
  • Gsm base projects
  • Ethernet base projects
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • And many others.

Software and how to program Arduino

Software use for programming of Arduino is free to download. To down load Arduino software visit Arduino website  It is very easy to install and I assume that you are intelligent enough to know how to download and install Arduino software on your computer. Arduino software provide you sketches for different libraries like GSM, Ethernet, Buletooth and many other.  To know how to program Arduino using or how to upload these sketches in Arduino board watch video at the end of this article. Digram of software is shown below:

Arduino software
Arduino software

Basic overview of Arduino UNO R3

Diagram below shows the basic overview of Arduino UNO R3. I have also described each part of board through numbering and description of each number is given below :

Arduino Components:

Arduino possess a vast family of models and version but in this article we will discuss the main components which are present in all Arduino modelsArduino can applications varies from blinking LEDs, running motors, GPS units, speakers, cameras, the internet, and not only this, it can also support your smart-phone and TV. This accessibly proofs the fact that it is the most efficient micro controllers of the market and some experts refer it as “a mini computer”.

It usages also includes from making a simple line follower robots to making a 6 DOF manipulators, making an automatic door lock systems as well as an advanced security system for your home.

Components on the Board:

Pins (5V, 3.3V, GND, Analog, Digital, PWM, AREF)

  •  GND (3):  for providing a ground to your circuit.
  • 5V (4) & 3.3V (5): 5v supply for running LEDs.
  • Analog (6): for the analog of the sensor.
  • Digital (7): digital pins for the digital input.
  • PWM (8): for provides 255 resolution.
  • AREF (9): Stands for Analog Reference.

Reset Button

It has a reset button and by pushing it restart the program.

Power LED Indicator

An indicator as soon as you connect the board with the computer.


The TX is for transmitting and RX is for receiving. For serial communication.

Main IC

The main core and heart of the board.

Voltage Regulator

For converting 5v for the board.

Overview of Arduino UNO R3
Overview of Arduino UNO R3
  1. Digital input or output pins to communicate with external devices.
  2. ICSP pins, I will discuss them in upcoming tutorials.
  3. On board ATMEGA32 microcontroller.
  4. Analog pins and power pins. Analog pin are used to communicate with analog world like sensors etc. basically it is analog to digital converter channels. Details in upcoming articles about Arduino.
  5. 9-12 volt DC power supply connector
  6.  On board programmer used to upload sketch into ATMEGA32 micrcocontroller
  7. USB connector is used to connect Arduino UNO R3 with computer and to upload sketches from computer to on board microcontroller.

What are Arduino sheilds

Arduino sheilds are easy to use boards which you can use to perform various tasks. Various Arduino sheilds are availble in market. But you can also make these Arduino sheilds yourself, if you have enough circuit designing skills. But if you want to make your project in no time, then you can purchase these shields. Name of some of the famous shields are given below:

  • Motor controller shield
  • Bluetooth shield
  • WiFi shield
  • Camera interfacing
  • ZigBee shield
  • GSM shield
  • and many others.

 From where to learn more about Arduino

I am writing complete 8-10 articles on Arduino which includes various simple projects. These simple simple projects will help you learn quickly Arduino. For more details keep visiting following link :

Arduino tutorials

To learn more about how to use software of Arduino watch following video.

Arduino UNO R3 tutorial by bilalmalikuet

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