PIR sensor interfacing with Arduino

PIR sensor interfacing with Arduino, in this article I will discuss how to interface PIR sensor interfacing with Arduino. What is PIR sensor?  What are applications of PIR sensor? Hardware aspects to consider while interfacing PIR sensor with Arduino UNO R3. Programming used for PIR sensors value reading with Arduino.PIR sensor interfacing with Arduino

If you don’t know anything about arduino UNO R3, I recommend you go through following article before reading this article further.

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What is PIR sensor?

PIR sensor is basically a passive infrared sensor which is used to detect motion of person when something is moving around it. There are many type of PIR sensors are available in market. You can search on Google for different kind of PIR sensors. PIR sensors sensor works on the principle of heat change in its surrounding. It change its output according to heat change by any person or animals. There is diffrent kind of PIR sensors available in market which is different according to sensitivity, shape and many other things.

Applications of PIR sensor:

I have mentioned few applications of passive infrared (PIR) sensor below. But you can use this sensor according to your project requirement.

  • Motion detection of any person
  • Protection of expensive things
  • Security system etc

How PIR sensor works?

I have already discussed all things you need to know about basics of PIR sensor. Now the question must come into your mind how PIR sensor works? What is the output of PIR sensor? PIR sensor give output in the form of digital high or low. So it is very easy to interface PIR sensor with Arduino. Parallax PIR sensor is better option to use for your project. Whenever PIR sensor detect heat change, it output goes high otherwise its output remain. I assume that you know what is High and low mean in electronics.  Before going further you should know how to detect high and low digital level with Arduino UNO R3. If you don’t have knowledge about it read following article first.

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PIR sensor interfacing with Arduino:

I have already discussed all the things you need to know for interfacing passive infrared (PIR) sensor with Arduino. Circuit diagram below shows its connection diagram. I have used parallax PIR sensor in this circuit diagram. The parallex sensor has three pins.

  • Ground pin
  • 5 volt power supply pin need to operate this sensor
  • Output pin which is used to check output of sensor and it is connect with Arduino

Diagram below shows interfacing of Arduino with parallax sensor. I have explained all the things you need to understand circuit diagram.

circuit diagram of PIR sensor
                                                               circuit diagram of PIR sensor interfacing with Arduino

In above circuit, I have connected output of passive infrared sensor with pin number 0 of Arduino UNO R3. I have used buzzer to check output of  passive infrared sensor. whenever any person move near to some distance of passive infrared sensor, buzzer give sound for five second. After 5 second if there is no motion buzzer will stop giving any sound.

To download code click on link below:

Download code for this project

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  1. Can I get the circuit diagram and code for automatic Street light which is on only at night time by detecting vehicle using arduino along with pir sensor and ldr.


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