WIFI CONTROLLED ROBOT USING ARDUINO and BLYNK: everyone, I hope you are fine and doing great embedded systems projects. This is our third project of our series of controlling robots. In the last article, we have posted a voice controlled robot project using Arduino. Recently I posted about Obstacle Avoiding and Voice control robot. In this project, we control the robot using Blynk application through Wi-Fi. We are using ESP8266 Wifi module, Motor Driver shield, Arduino Uno and 4WD Car chassis and battery pack in this project. Also, we need to download the Blynk application from Google Play Store. This is an efficient way to control robot rather than voice because wifi control has 100% accuracy.wifi controlled robot using arduino

Block Diagram  of wifi controlled robot using Arduinowifi controlled robot using arduino block diagram

Components Required:

  • Arduino Uno: Arduino Uno is perfect for this project because it is compatible with the motor driver shield and it also provides 3.3v to power the ESP8266 wifi module. It is also cheap, easy to use and consumes less space so everything will place on the car chassis.
  • Motor Driver Shield: The motor driver shield is based on two L293D and 74HC595 IC’s. L293D is a quadruple Half H-driver. It can delivers up to 1 amp per channel. It has wide supply voltage range 4.5 to 36 volts. It cans operation from 0 to 70 degree centigrade. 74HC595 is 8-bit Shift Register with 3-state output registers. This motor driver shield is use to operate DC motors, Stepper motors and servo motors. It can operate 2 servo motors and 4 DC motors at a time.
  • ESP8266 Wifi module: ESP8266 is a cheap Wifi chip and provide full TCP/IP stack. It is based on the ESP8266 microcontroller as described from the name. There are about 14 models are available in the market of the module but I am using the first one because is east to use and interface with Arduino Uno. It operates on 3.3V. It also has GPIO which we can use Arduino pin.
  • 4wd Car Chassis: I have used 4 wheels car chassis. It has 2 platforms, 4 tires, 4 geared Dc motor and 4-speed encoders. It provides much space to place everything on chassis but it is very brittle material and break with very less impact so be careful when assembling car chassis.
  • Battery Pack: I have used 3 li-ion 3.7V and 2200mA cells in series to increase the voltages. These cell are rechargeable, it has about 1000 life cycles.

Circuit Diagram of WIFI CONTROLLED ROBOT USING ARDUINOwifi controlled robot using arduino circuit diagram


ESP8266 to Arduino:

  • ESP8266 Vcc pin to 3.3v.
  • ESP8266 CH_PD pin to 3.3v.
  • ESP8266 Rx pin to Arduino Uno Tx.
  • ESP8266 Tx pin to Arduino Uno Rx.

Mount the Motor Driver Shield on Arduino Uno. Connect left motors to M3 and M4 terminal of the shield and right side motors to M1 and M2 terminal of the shield.

Connect the battery pack to the +M and ground terminal of the shield.


  • Download the Blynk app from the Google Play Store.
  • Open the application, it asks for to Sign Up: you can Sign In using Facebook or by using Gmail id. Select New Project and then enter the project name, select device name and select connection type.
  • Go to Widget Box and select Joystick from the list.
  • Then go to the Project setting by pressing the Nut icon. Then select the Email all option then go to the Email account you enter before to get the auth token.
  • Open the email and copy the Auth Taken and paste it in the code. Go to the Joy Stick setting and select the V1 variable.

Disconnect the Rx and Tx Pins from Arduino Uno and then upload the code to the Arduino. Connect the RX and Tx to the Arduino wait few second to connect to the Wifi whose SSID and password is defined in the code before. Open the Blynk App and move the joy stick to control the movement of the Robot.

Wifi controlled robot code


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