Computer engineering projects for final year students

Computer engineering is a very important field of engineering. Computer engineering projects relate electrical projects with a computer. Computer engineering-based projects have many applications in our daily life. They are used in domestic as well as industrial applications. A list of innovative computer engineering projects ideas is given below. If you are a final engineering student and looking for a computer engineering-based projects ideas, this list of engineering projects helps you to decide your project easily. PIC16F877A microcontrollers are very popular among engineering students. But professionals prefer to use ARM controllers.   We provide three levels of projects:

  1. Intermediate level Computer Engineering projects
  2. Advanced level Computer Engineering projects
  3. More Advanced level Computer Engineering projects

You can also update this list of computer engineering projects by adding ideas in comments.

Intermediate Level of Computer Engineering Projects

Project 1: Real-Time Multi-Object Identification and Tracking in Panoramic View

Computer vision needs to play its role to lessen the burden of security problems. From detecting people/objects in pictures and videos to applying post and pre and post-processing techniques to extract valuable information has now become almost necessary to ensure security. Image tracking over critical areas helps a lot in this regard. Although a lot of work has already been done on a track, the problem still lies with the tracking of multiple objects and the speed of the processing of the input images or videos. In our project, we use Open CV algorithms for stitching videos and for tracking objects. These algorithms not only allow speedy stitching, detection, and tracking; but also provide very accurate results. Since we are stitching input live stream videos from multiple cameras together to create a panoramic view, we get a bigger field of vision as well as ease of use. One major consideration lies with the use of hardware, for which we constantly test both our algorithms on several machines, with different operating systems. Generally, the fastest and most accurate results are achieved with the help of HADOOP clustering in which we have one fronted and multiple computing nodes. Wireless sensor networks can also be as wireless communication in this project.

Computer Engineering Project 1: Real-Time Multi-Object Identification and Tracking in Panoramic View

Project 2: Intelligent security surveillance system

The prevailing security situation in our country demands that all sectors contributed directly to promote measures that deter miscreants from being able to carry out their mischievous activities. Surveillance through IP cameras is one of the most significant processes that are indispensable to the safeguarding of various sensitive places all across the country. Currently, the systems employed depend too much on a continuous human watch which of course is subject to negligence and error. The need here is to employ modern artificial intelligence techniques to ensure extremely vigilant surveillance round the clock. We hope to achieve that by coming up with a system that allows user to select a region of interest on the available streams, any activity within that region will be monitored automatically, the objects inside it will be classified based on an available database and any untoward activity will generate an alarm to alert the concerned authorities. The algorithm is developed in Matlab while its software implementation is done in open cv. voice recognition system can also be included.

Computer Engnieering Project 2: Intelligent security surveillance system

Project 2: ECG Security System

Traditional navigation uses a Global Positioning System to locate the receiver, which is  less accurate and gives less frequent updates. On the other hand, accelerometer and gyroscope give accurate navigation to a small distance owing to the accumulation of integral drift error. We aim to integrate the two navigation methods to improve long-range navigation and attitude computation by using Kalman Filter estimation. Our said system is recognized as Attitude heading and Reference System and will be using satellites fo the American constellation i.e. the GPS and the Chinese constellation system i.e. Beidou long with the gyroscope and accelerometer. The completed module will be ready to plug into any UAV, UGV or guided missile. EEPROM memory storage can be used to record data.

Computer Engineering Project : ECG Security System

Project 3: Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management is to manage the experience of all the customers by the services provider itself. It plays an important role in lessen the burden of management for mobile service providers like Ufone, Warid, etc. This project is purely related to Mobile Networks. This project will help the service provider to improve their service quality. It will further help the service provider to have less annoyed customers and more happy customers. We have all the information regarding every customer as to which call failed or when and how did it get dropped. The solution has the capability to monitor and manage elements of importance for CEM on all customer-related KPIs and indexes including their network experience, channels experience, geographical alerts and segment performance etc. KPI’S are key performance indexes on which the CEM calculated is based. All the information is shown on a dashboard displaying all the results in different forms. Our database has all the customers CEMs results and they are saved and manipulated according to our needs for the dashboard. The database is directly connected to the dashboard.

Project 4: Pseudo Real-Time system for the Detection & analysis of Diabetes using EEG signals and implementation on Raspberry Pi

Diabetes cause the body to produce an insufficient amount of insulin (responsible for keeping the blood sugar levels in body in check) and therefore, resulting in uncontrollable sugar levels, that lead to many complications like gastrointestinal tracks, diabetic retinopathy, mental disorders in the human body. The aim of this project is to determine the effects of Diabetes on human brain and analyze brain signals (EEG) to detect different sugar level. This in turn has an adverse effect on parts of the human brain, such as the cerebellum, hypothalamus etc. This also affects the performance of the brain, as it’s not able to perform its normal function; the EEG;s clearly show us the brain scans of a normal person and the ones of a diabetic patient. The prolonged effect of diabetes may cause heavy brain damage and in severe cases brain death.

Project 5: Hawk Eye System Computer Engineering Projects

Number plate recognition is a mass surveillance system that captures the image of vehicles and recognizes their license number. This report presents a recognition method in which the vehicle plate image is brained by the digital cameras and the image is processed to get the number plate information. Low definition camera will aid to detect the movement and recognize a vehicle and High definition camera upon detection records a sample of the vehicle. This short video I then passed through man digital image processing techniques to detect and isolate the number plate from the rear side of the vehicle. Then  using some feasible character recognition methods on the selected few frame form the video collected by a high definition camera. Once the camera detects and finally collects the video and number plate is recognized, we then compile this file in a database that is completely accessible to the authorities.

Project 5: Hawk Eye System

Project 6: Bipedal Humanoid Robot Development Kit

Over the last few years we have witnessed rapid research and development  in the field of artificial intelligence and Robotics. Each day we get closer to achieving our dream of building an autonomous humanoid robot with human-like abilities. One of the main reasons for this growth has been the rapid advancement in computing. This research project focuses on designing and developing a humanoid robot development kit powered by a mobile processor, with the aim of integrating the latest hardware and libraries available to provide an innovative platform for researchers and developers. We have developed a main application program which runs on Android Operating System and implements basic functionalities like speech to text, text to speech, face detection and recognition, response database, object detection and depth stream. Users would be able to develop their program, which would be installed as plug-in application, using provided Application Program Interfaces and public class methods. Future implementation will include Al and cognition features like Intelligent Learning, Semantic Understanding, Reasoning and Decision Automation, Emotional Intelligence and Robotic Control.

Project 6: Bipedal Humanoid Robot Development Kit

Advanced Level Computer Engineering Projects

Project 7: Personality Analysis

Social Media is the most common platform for communication & sharing experience, life events with friends & family. A user is always very mu9ch interested to know about himself & his personality. So there is need of a platform  where users get a perfect analysis of their personalities based on some research work. Our project focuses on one such technology i.e. analyzing personality based on what a user shares at social media sites like “Twitter”. A user’s tweets are collected from his profile, pre-processed, features are extracted & sent to personality prediction algorithm which in return outputs result according to the big vie model. The best part of our project is that the user can better understand the results with 8 different types of graphs which are generated as output showing percentages of each trait. Some previous work like sentimental analysis based on social media has been done. The idea is to facilitate the user by presenting him with an analysis of his personality with minimum efforts. In future, this work can be extended to suggest different types of music based on his mood types or suggest a ser what book he must read in a specific mood derived from his personality analysis.

Project 8: iAgri

There is a shortage of water in our country and still, we are wasting it in many ways, one is the excess use of water in agriculture. Excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides causes adverse effect on plants and human beings as well. Water pollution is one of the worst side effects of excessive fertilizer and pesticide usage. To solve above mention problems we can design a system in which we will take information and concrete values for water level and fertilizers using sensors. Our system will be comprised two parts, in first part data collection will be carried out using different sensors at base station through sensor nodes and then send it to server, second part can a computer application and android application which will be use to show the information of filed (temperature, humidity, soil moister and ph. Level etc.) by graph, pie charts etc. Decision making also done here according to situation of fields e.g. water pump on or off and for hw long it will on with accurate timing calculations. Wireless sensor network is best option in this scenario. “iAgi” will be a human free and precision agriculture system which will check the water condition, temperature of field and PH level of the field and then it will take an action automatically. The tools we are using in our project are android studio, Arduino ide, sql server.

Project 9: Real Time Processing of EEG signals for rehabilitation of stroke patients and IT’s application on portable devices

Over the past decade, Brain-computer interface (BCI) has emerged as a promising tool for accurate prediction of the subject’s intention such as intentions to move limbs or hands. One of the most important applications for the BCI systems is the rehabilitation of stroke patients. Brain stroke is a diases caused as a result of ruptured or blocked blood vessels that bring nutrients and oxygen to the brain. This hindrance in blood flow causes brain malfunctions, as a consequence of which the affected pars of brain result in the inability of the subject to move one or more limbs. Human brain generates commands for limb movements and achieves the goal on reception of afferent feedback from muscles after movement. In stroke patients this feedback is missing due to the affected muscles. Stroke rehabilitation is the process of  retraining the brain and muscles to perform normal activities. The movement intentions can be detected from the subject using brain signals acquired via electroencephalography (EEG). EEG provides information on movement related cortical potentials (MRCPs) which are used to detect the movement intentions.

Project 10: Army Training System for Cadets

The aim of the project was to trains a trivial person/cadet to make the correct Gesture’s during shooting  and Chin Up’s. my System consist of 3dD character modeled after Pakistan Cadet. The system is a virtual interactive room in which the Avatar of cadet is in a computer-simulated environment that can simulate physical presence in the real world. The system detect the position made by the cadet through Kinect and compares the gestures with those already known to the system. It then guides the cadet, by displaying the correct animate postures on the screen. The project was started with the creation of 3d avatar of solider and environment in multiple software dedicated for character modeling. After the characters and 3d environment have been modeled, then step in the pipeline is to rig Solider. Without the rig animations cannot be applied onto the character. Rigging was done using Maxamo’s Auto Rigging  Script. The nest step is to capture motions. Motions were captured using a Kinect. This followed motion editing in Autodesk motion builder. This step marks the end of the all the pre training system work, which is done till now. Once the characters have been modeled and the animations are created, they are imported into Unity 3D, the main Tool for this project.

Project 11: Active & intelligent Electromyography based Ankle Foot Prosthesis Design for Trans-tibial Amputations

Below knee amputations are very often in the world. Usual prosthesis done for it is conventional passive elastic prosthesis which have many problems during locomotion including non-symmetric gait patterns, slower walking speed and higher gait metabolic rates. This Final year Project revolves around the concept of Powered ankle foot prosthesis with which the amputee can run, walk and climb naturally as he used to do with walking symmetry, self-selected walking speed and metabolism. Also, the current state of art prosthesis only has pitch movement while this project will also feature roll movement enabling amputee to also walk on uneven train. It will work on EMG Signal form muscles which will be filtered by digital adaptive noise removing filters, then processed using DSP Algorithms for basic features.

Project 12: Eye Xplorer

Human Eye is the most complex part of the human  body but it helps to reveal information about several diseases. Among these diseases are Anemia and Cataract. Anemia is a condition in which there is a deficiency of hemoglobin in the red blood cells, whereas cataract is an eye disease that causes clouding of the eye lens tat causes permanent blindness if not treated in time. Anemia is diagnosed by measuring hemoglobin by drawing blood form the body and Cataract is diagnosed by first dilating the pupil and then examining the eye in the slit lamp. Both of the above methods are invasive that involve direct contact with the human body in one way or another. Computer Aided Diagnostic (CAD) systems with their mobility of usage in low resource setting can be very useful for the detection of Anemia and Cataract. We have put forward n idea in the form of mobile application named EYE XPLORER that determines the user’s risk of being anemic or having a cataract just by taking a picture form a Smartphone camera. The user for the diagnosis of anemia first lowers his/ her conjunctiva and takes image and then our method first localizes  the conjunctiva region form the image. Localization bins are formed to assess the hemoglobin value that further assesses the degree of anemia. For the diagnosis of Cataract, the user takes picture of his/ her eye with retina in focus.

Project 13: FPGA Based Custom GPU Design

Due to increase in the demand of image processing based technology, image processing has become a significant subject. The faster the processing of images, the better results we obtain. To fulfill this particular plea a dedicated processor for image processing is a key component. Although there are many processors available that work dedicatedly for image processing but when requirements like speed, flexibility and reliability with real time processing are  demanded more research is mandatory. In this particular project the optimized solution with greater speed and better parallel processing for images has been presented using FPGA. Customized ISA fir dedicated GPU has been developed on Xilinx with forty nine different instructions. Instructions include the regular arithmetic and logical instructions with special vector instructions that ar designed especially for fast image processing. To process instructions in parallel technique of C-slow is being used. To further enhance the processing speed of the instruction, micro pipelining technique is being in-cooperated.

Project 14: Generation of 3D Retinal Model using OCT Images

Human Eye is the most complex sensory organ comprising of a multitude of substructures. Retina, a mere set of tissues and one-third of a millimeter in width, consists of 10 layers. The deformities in these retinal layers account for many diseases related to vision such as retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, eye cancer, retinal detachment and inherited retinal degenerations. Two major types of imaging techniques that are being used for the analysis of retina is digital fundus images and Optical coherence tomography (OCT). OCT scan is a mean of extracting the information about the inner retinal layers non-invasively. OCT scans provided a video with multiple frames, each of which corresponds to a slice of an eye (retina).

The purpose of this project is to make a 3D model of retinal layers captured through OCT scans to provide better visualization of the retina to ophthalmologists. There are two main parts of the computer engineering project which include image processing module and graphics. The frames gathered from OCT scans are processed using image processing techniques to extract the details of the layer in the form of coordinates. Once the coordinates of all the  points are extracted a point cloud is formed. Using this point cloud, we regenerated a three-dimensional model using these points.

Project 15: Intelligent Learning System

Education nowadays is being one of the worst worldwide problem. Even the world developed countries are tackling with this problem where as in the underdeveloped countries condition is quiet indescribable. So there is a solution required for this problem. Our project is to develop such a system that can tech up to elementary level (basic teachings). The system written in java is intelligent enough to teach and then evaluate. The user written input is taken as pressure points I xml files, which is then help in making a binary image. After preprocessing image is given to already train tesseract (on Hand written) for recognizing the spoken words. As for speech, sphinx is trained for required lessons and then it is used for recognizing the spoken words. The lessons for teaching are prepared through video which again and again show how to write and speak a specific word. Which is than evaluated using a series of quizzes. Project provides a GUI for interface i.e for writing and seeing the result, mistakes are shown both through writing and speech. GUI is being made using javafx API. Project is divided on basis of difficulty level, for beginners is level 1 with extremely limited scope like alphabets learning, number learning, Urdu “haroof e tahaji” leaning or basic learning of different languages. On second level, basic mathematical operations, basic Urdu and English words are being taught. And for higher level, physics learning and such other option are available.

More Advanced Computer Engineering projects list

Project 16: Multi-Agent Distributed Autonomous System

Robocup is amongst the most prestigious of international robotic competitions, held annually. Its Standard Platform League comprises soccer competitions between teams of humanoid robots. NAO robot from Aldebaran Robotics is the hardware platform for Robocup SPL. The robots operate fullu autonomously with only local vision and highly constrained inter-robot communication, such that there is no external control by humans or computer. The project is based on design and development of intelligence and physical control of a multi-agent robotic system for Robocup SPL., visual perception system for modeling of a dynamic soccer field environment in real time will be incorporated. Coordination methodologies for a team of autonomous NAO robots will be established. Sensory and visual feedback loops will be implemented for robust control. Various kicks will be developed for NAO to enable proficient soccer gameplay. The project is broadly divided in the areas of perception, cognition, software architecture design, and robot movements.

Project 17: Smart Metering and Cloud Computing

Automatic meter Reading system (AMR) continuously monitors the energy meter and sends data on request of service provider through SMS. It saves huge human labour. The data received form an energy meter has been stored in database server which was located at electricity Board station through SMS gate way for further processing by energy provider. Automatic meter reading system helps the customer and energy service provider to access the accurate and updated data from the energy meter. AMR System can send energy consumption hourly, monthly or on request. This data is send to central system for billing and troubleshooting. These data are stored into the database server for processing and recording. This technology mitigates labour cost, collection time, energy theft, avoids late payment. Adding to this it increases data security, improved customer service, reduced revenue losses. This system provides freedom to electricity companies to take action against lenient customer who have outstanding dues, otherwise companies can disconnect the power of customer. Companies can re-connect the power after deposition of dues. This system is not only sending the data but also it does provide power disconnect / connect feature, power cut feature and tempering alert feature. All these advantages give this product an edge over other pragmatically prevailing devices.

Project 18: Smart Nano Grid Controller for Optimized Power Supply

The use of panels is becoming increasingly common in Pakistan, owing to the consistent power crisis, fuel shortage and also because of its eco-friendliness. Moreover, laws for reverse metering have also been approved in Pakistan, recently. The simple explanation of which is the ability to both buy and sell power from and to the national grid. This present  a problem: Assuring maximum power availability at minimum cost. Our project, as a solution, presents a smart system that assumes the responsibility of providing the user with optimized power supply in terms of both availability and cost. In the presence of power from solar panel (nanogrid), national grid and a battery, the proposed system makes the decision of which source to choose to meet the power needs of the household at any time, in such a way, that the consumer household gets maximum availability of power at minimum cost. A fuzzy inference system is implemented, n order to install the human-like decision making capability and because of the continuity of inputs. The final system product is an android application interfacing all components f the stem and providing a User Interface.

Project 19: Snap Solve

Snap solve is a user friendly android application. It uses the camera of the mobile phone or laptop to take the pictures of mathematical equation in any format (handwritten or printed). It will also be able to generate circuit equation by taking the picture of different circuits. Pre-processing is involved which is to remove the noise and extract the portion in which the equation is written or circuit is drawn. Characters and symbols are recognized using OCR. After that equation is extracted in the form of string so that it can be solved. Operators and operands are separated and mathematical rules will be applied to extract the roots of the equations. After returning the roots, it will show step wise calculating of the given equation to ensure learning of the user. The very first step for circuit analysis is to detect the circuit components i.e. resistors, capacitors, inductors, voltage and current sources. So of the detection OpenCV haarcascade method is being used. This collects positive images (images of the component) and negative images (images not containing the component) then we will train the classifier using these images. In this way the components will be detected and will be merged with circuit solution part.70% of the population of the country (children and adults) will avail the benefits of this time saving, portable and user friendly application.

Project 20: WLAN Performance Measurement Tool

Wireless local area network (WLAN) is used everywhere now a days and is being used in every aspect of life. From multinational companies to small entrepreneurship everyone uses WLAN for exchange of information. However there are problems faced in WLAN i.e. bandwidth consumption, security of data and load balancing. The medium used by the WLAN is air which results in high rate of packet loss and the performance of WLAN can vary from place to place. There are ways to optimize WLAN but they are costly and required technical knowledge. In this project, we propose a standalone and autonomous device based on Respberry Pi processor which would provide active and passive statistics of the parameters, which can be used for optimization of WLAN. The device is used to sniff the packets in the network and extract the Key Performance Parameters (KPIs). These KPIs can be used for the analysis of network and its properties. The user has the liberty to observe the analytics in web based application or android application. Several graphical representation of the parameters is used to make the analysis easy of the end user. The technologies which are being used in this project are python (Scapy) for packet sniffing and parameter extraction, HTML, CSS, jQuery, AnguarJS, PHP and mySQL for web interface, Java for android interface and Respberry pi for standalone device.

Project 21: Multi-Gig Software Defined Networking (SDN) in Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) with Inline Protocol Analyzer (SDNA)

In the last decade, the internet has grown tremendously, rich media devices are getting more popular and consumer wants more and more services due to which data rate is exceeding at high pace around the world. Internet services providers are in the competition to provide the best services to their customers in the Triple Play Services (Telephone, Cable TV and Internet). Similarly, mushrooming growth of intelligent wireless mobile devices, supporting application like HD videos, social media require high bandwidth internet connectivity on the go. To cope up with customer needs new technologies like 3G-4G are emerging that provide high data rates to bandwidth-hungry applications. In this era of high speed internet connectivity where internet traffic is increasing every day there are variety of network devices to incorporate in the network and all network devices nearly have hidden their internal functionality from the user.

Project 22: Sky Guard Radar Simulator

There is limited life of every part of Radar-based upon the usage of that part. Since Pakistan is a developing country and it is not possible to procure the actual equipment or the simulators designed by the OEM in abundance to train the individuals keeping in mind our financial constraints. To overcome this problem Computer-based simulator is made. Our goal is to create a Hardware-based simulator integrated with computer-based simulator. This simulator will almost be similar to the actual Radar Building a computer-based sky guard radar simulator is of great assistance as far as trading soldiers is concerned in Pakistan Army. Every individual part of the Radar is very expensive to be used for training. TS2 based simulator of ours will provide real-time scenarios for training and will save any kind of damage or loss to original Sky guard Radars. On other side, it costs too much and will take a lot to get it repaired. So e decided to design a simulator of our own. The project consist of two main parts, software and hardware. This simulator is design portable so that it can be operated in a war area. So this is all about computer engineering projects.

These are all the computer engineering projects list from our side. We will look forward to hear more practical ideas from you in the comments.

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  2. Assalamu alaykum, i‘m computer engineering student, studying in Nigerian polytechnic and i want a final year project which i must do and present it to the school authority before i graduate. I want any type of project, but it must contain a micro controller. Thanyou..

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  5. Hi, i’m computer engineering student i need a final thesis title containing hardware and software device or application.can anyone help and send me a title with the concept.thank you!

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