Solar inverter using sg3525

Solar inverter using sg3525, In this article you will learn how to desing solar inverter for home, lightings and low power applications without using any microcontroller. I have used very famous pulse width modulation controller IC sg3525 in this project. In this article you will learn what is solar inverter ? Circuit diagram of solar inverter? What is Pulse width modulated IC Sg3525?

How to use sg3525 as a feedback voltage controller, PWM generation and duty cycle control.

What is solar inveter ?

As it name suggests solar inveter is used to convert solar dc power into AC power. Solar panel energy is store in batteries using solar charge controllerDc power stored in batteries is converted into AC power using inverter. Inverter is power electronics dc to ac converter. There are many applications of inverters in power system, industrial and domestic usage. Block diagram of solar inverter is shown below. Block diagram of solar inverter  given below is self explainatory. But if you have still any question about it, you are welcome to write it in comments.

Solar inverter block diagram
Solar inverter block diagram

Solar charge controller is used to charge battery back. It must to use to solar charge controller to charge battery bank. Otherwise it may damage your battery bank due to over charging and discharging. There are many types of inverters available in market. According to output wave form of inverter there are three types of inverter available in market:

  • Square wave inverter
  • Modified sine wave inverter
  • sine wave inverter

you can use any kind of inveretr. But it is recommended to you pure sine wave inverter. Because it have a lot of advantages than other type of inverters.

Circuit diagram of solar inverter :

Circuit diagram of solar inverter using Sg3525 is given below. I have explained all the main components and their working below. I also posted a separte articles on pulse width modulation IC or PWM controller IC Sg3523. Let’s start with basic working of this project.

Sg3525 is used control output voltage of inverter by feed back voltage control method. It is also used to drive MOSFET’ connected with trnasformer. Both MOSFET is used as low side connection. Sg3525 have built in totem pole circuit to drive low side connected MOSFET”s. I have posted a separate article on Sg3525 working and its configuration. I have explained each and everything you need to know to used Sg3525 PWM controller IC. To know more abou it check this article:

How to use PWM controller IC Sg3525

circuit diagram of solar inverter using sg3523
circuit diagram of solar inverter using sg3523

In this circuit diagram push pull topology of dc to dc converters is used to converter DC voltage source into AC voltage. Step up transformer is used to step up voltage from 12 volt to 220 volt AC. Center tap  transformer is used in this project. Voltage divider circuit at the output is used to give feedback to Sg3525. Sg3525 control duty cycle of PWM using this feed back voltage. If you want to know how Sg3525 PWM controller controls output voltage and duty cycle of PWM, check above mentioned article on Sg3525.

At the right side of circuit diagram is a solar charge controller. This solar charge controller can be used for a battery up to 7.2AH only. Solar charge controller is used to charge battery. If you want to design solar charge controller of high rating, check following article :

Solar charge controller using pic microcontroller 

This is all about solar inverter using Sg3525. If you have any issue after reading this article, let me know with your comments. Kindly share this article with your friends. That is what you can do for us in return. Because the more you share, the more you gain 🙂

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    • It is square wave inverter and efficiency is 60%. But efficiency can be increased by using chopper technique and microcontroller

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