Solar system projects ideas for engineering students

Solar system have many applications in domestic and idustrial market. Use of solar energy is increasing day by day. Conventional enegry resources are decreasing day by day. People are looking for non conventional energy resources.  Solar energy system is also very important in replacement of electrical energy. Electrical engineers are working on solar system project every year. Fineal year engineering students work on innovative electrical projects and electronics projects. Engineering students also integrate solar system in their project. List of innovative solar system projects ideas is given below :

solar system projects ideas
solar system projects ideas
  1. Solar panel parameters measurement system

This project is used to measure parameters of solar panels. It can measure voltage, current, temperature in surrounding of solar panels. It also measures intensity of light falling on solar panels with the help of light sensor. Light dependent resistor is used as a lights sensor to measure intensity of light. LM35 temperature sensor is used to measure temperature of solar panels. Shunt resistor is used as a current sensor to convert current into voltage form, because microcontroller cannot measure current directly. Voltage divider circuit is used to divide voltage up to reference voltage of controller. PIC16F877A microcontroller is used to measure all these parameters.

  1. Solar energy measurement system using PIC16F877A microcontroller

Energy measurement system is used to measure energy or power of solar panels.  Current and voltage of solar panels measured with the help PIC16F877A. Digital dc voltmeter and digital dc Ammeter project can help you to understanding of how to measure dc voltage and dc current. Produce of dc voltage and dc current is used to get solar panels power. LCD display is used to display voltage, current and output power.

  1. Smart solar charge controller using PIC16F877A

Smart solar charge controller is used to charge lead acid batteries properly. It is used to increase life time of batteries. PWM technique is used in this charge controller. PIC16F877A microcontroller is used to generate PWM. This project also includes LCD to display charging and discharging current of battery. It also includes a short circuit and over current protection circuitry. Totem pole mosfet driver is used to drive IRF3205 MOSFETS. Two transistors are connected back to back to form totem pole configuration.

  1. Solar based automatic control of street lights and automatic intensity control of street lights

This project is used to make solar street lights independent from other energy sources. Solar panels are used to charge battery with the help of solar charge controller. PIC16F877A microcontroller is used control intensity of street lights. Intensity of LED based street lights changes automatically according to intensity of light. Greater the intensity of light, lower will be intensity of LED street lights and vice versa. After 1:00am in nights lights turn off themselves automatically and turn on only if there is any vehicle on road. Vehicle detection system is also included in this project.

  1. Solar power auto irrigation system using microcontroller

Solar power automatic irrigation system project is used to control water pumps in agriculture fields or farms automatically. Moisture sensors are used to measure moisture level in agriculture fields. If water level is less than required level of plants, solar power auto irrigation system turn on water pumps automatically. PIC16F877A microcontroller is used to measure moisture with the help of moisture sensor. Solar panels are used to feed power to water pumps through dc batteries. Solar charge controller is used to charge batteries. PWM based charge controller is used in this project. Bu you can use anyone according to your requirement.

  1. Solar inverter using sg3525 PWM controller

Solar inverter is used to convert solar energy stored in batteries into AC power. Solar inverter is designed using SG3525 PWM controller IC. Solar energy stored in batteries using solar charge controller. This project includes a complete guide to design inverter using pulse width modulation controller IC. Push pull dc to ac converter topology is used in this project. This inverter can be used up to 100W. But you can increase its rating by using MOSFETS in parallel.

  1. 15A solar charge controller without microcontroller

In this project 15A solar charge controller is designed without using any microcontroller.  In this project, I have also discussed, how to select solar charge controller or how to choose charge controller? This charge controller is designed using analog electronics components like  RFP30P05 P-channel MOSFET is used control flow of charge into battery. Operational amplifier is used as a comparator to set voltage or charging and discharging limits of battery.

  1. Solar NiCad Battery charger

Solar NiCad battery charge is designed using max639 integrated circuit. Max639 IC is used to step down solar panel voltages. It is also used to regulate charge flow to battery. This project is designed for low power application.

   9.  Sun based solar tracker

 In this project solar tracker is designed using pic microcontroller to extrac maximum power from solar panels. Stepper motor is used which rotated in the direction of sun.

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  1. hi, you are doing some good stuff here! i am wishing to use your pic code for a sine inverter to take 300-400vdc from my solar panels to run a 220v single phase borehole pump. i have a couple of half bridge igbt modules for 600v100A and i need to know what kind of switching speed/frequency they will work at with this kind of design.
    is my first time playing with igbt, and i cant afford to blow them up! so i am taking all the advice i can get.
    the pump is 500w single phase and i have 600w of fuji fwave panels to play with. there should be no battery involved, or transformers if possible. i just want to chop the dc to ac sine using the pwm, and a big capacitor bank to keep a steady current demand. i am guessing i need feedback for the pwm pulse width to ensure a steady 220v output. will this be easy to implement using a simple code change/input pin?

    • Dear edi , I can help u . to the fuji solar . Do u need to get AC 220v from DC 319v from fuji solar ?
      I can help u . Please contact whatsapp or Viber +967712927117
      address [email protected]

  2. Hello everyone i am working on a project sun tracker 2 axies with pic16F887 and i need a code for programing my pic with microc
    please help


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