Latest GSM Based Projects for final year engineering students

GSM based projects for final year students of EEE, EIE and ECE, this article contains a list of latest GSM based projects for final year students of electrical, electronics, telecom and computer engineering students. GSM stands for global system of mobile communication. GSM is used in every mobile almost. Students are using GSM modules in their semester and final year projects to make system more intelligent and easy to use. For example in home automation system GSM modules are used to turn on or turn off home devices through mobile phone. User sends on/off commands through mobile to gsm module to control home devices through mobile phone. If you don’t know how to use GSM module and how to interface GSM module with microcontrollers, check following articles:


So this article contain gsm based projects for top technology enhancement and to make system more automated and more intelligent. If you are interested to use gsm module in your final years projects or want to get idea of gsm based final year projects, check following top list of gsm based final years projects for EEE, ECE and EIE students.

GSM Based Projects for engineering students:

  1. Intelligent energy meter billing using GSM and pic microcontroller :  Main objective of this project is to provide electricity billing information to user through sms on their mobile. Voltage sensor, current sensor and power factor measurement circuits are used in this project. Voltage, current and power factor is measured with the help of microcontroller. Gsm module interfaced with  microcontroller. Energy meter also connects with microcontroller. Microcontroller read voltage, current and power values from energy meter and calculate bill of user by doing some mathematical calculations on data. After calculating bill microcontroller send billing information to user number with the help of GSM module;
  2. Remote monitoring of transformer using gsm module: In this project one can measure transformer parameters from remote locations. One can measure transformer parameters like voltage, current, frequency, temperature, and other parameters of transformer and send it to control room using gsm module. you can also use GPRS data to send data to  any location in the world or you can use internet of things concept to send data anywhere in the world.
  3. GSM bsed prepaid energy billing system: Main objective of this project is to introduce prepaid energy billing concept in power sector for the benefits of power sector. Although this idea is not easily implementable, but it is very good for power sector to recover their money from users in advance. In this project, power company records units of user according to already paid bill. After consumer reached maximum allowed units, they send a message to user mobile for billing.
  4. GSM based wireless electronics Notice board: Notice boards are used widely in schools, colleges, universities and companies to provide information to others about any new notice. It is very difficult to keep changing notices on notice board every day. The basic idea behind this project is to make notice board programmable. This is a digital electronics notice board which is controlled by simple sms. One can use his/her mobile to update notice board regularly through mobile phone. Gsm mobile receive sms and displays it on notice board with the help of microcontroller.
  5. GSM based railway track security system: This project can be used to detect crack in railway tracks. Track detector detects the crack in in railway track and inform to railway station concerned person using GSM module wireless communication.
  6. Vehicle security system using gsm and gps module : This projects find exact location of vehicle with the help of GPS module and inform the owner of vehicle through sms using GSM. This project is very useful and already implemented in vehicle tracking system. One can make its own vehicle tracking system very easily using gsm and gps module.
  7. GSM based remote monitoring system: Main objective of this project is to measure parameters of remotely located devices and send it to control room using gsm module. Now devices can be anything to whom parameters you want to measure. For example transformer, motors, generator, transmission line, temperature etc.
  8. GSM based green house monitoring systemThis project measures light intensity, temperature, moisture level and humidity level of green house system and send data to user through GSM module. User take necessary actions by sending sms to gsm module. For example user can turn on light,if light intensity falls under a visible level.He can turn on water pump, if moisture level, if water level is low
  9. Home automation system using GSM module: This project can be used to control home devices with the help of cell phone. User can control home devices through his mobile by sending message of on/off. Gsm module receive these messages and communicate it to microcontroller.Microcontroller control respective device by sending signal to respective relay.

Other useful GSM based project for final year engineering students. If you have any idea in your mind related to gsm based projects, your suggestion are more than welcome. Feel free to write your suggestions in comments.

  1. GSM Based induction motor parameters measurement system
  2. GSM Based induction motor speed control system
  3. Speed control of dc motor through gsm
  4. closed loop speed control of dc motor through gsm
  5. Remote monitoring system through gsm
  6. GSM Based home security system using GSM
  7. Home automation system using gsm
  8. GSM Based patient health care system heart beat senor, temperature sensor and glucose monitoring
  9. Automatic accident protection using gsm
  10. Gsm based gas theft control system
  11. Gsm based gas leakage detection system
  12. wireless notice board using gsm module
  13. Sms based device control system like fans, lights and other household devices.
  14. Home security system with automatic calling to police station and home owner.
  15. intelligent electricity billing and cut off system for energy through gsm
  16. Automatic ads display system on ads notice boards
  17. water level detector using gsm
  18. Automatic billing of water using gsm
  19. Automatic patient health care system
  20. Patient ECG transfer to doctor automatically through gsm
  21. Real time data acquisition system through gsm
  22. Weather monitoring system using gsm
  23. Border security system with gsm
  24. Auto irrigation system through sms
  25. SMS based voting system using gsm module
  26. Industrial devices monitoring system
  27. Fir monitoring and control system using sms and gsm
  28. industrial automation system  using gsm module and password protection
  29. 8051 based wireless automated messaging system using gsm
  30. Security system with voice control through gsm and speech reorganization
  31. Wireless heart beat sensor using gsm
  32. wireless temperature sensor using gsm
  33. wireless pressure sensor using gsm and microcontroller
  34. Wireless power generation monitoring system through gsm
  35. wireless solar panel energy measurement system using gsm module and microcontroller
  36. Home appliances control system through voice and gsm
  37. Vehicle gas leakage and petrol leakage detector using gsm and microcontroller
  38. Vehicle position monitoring system with gsm and gps module
  39. UPS battery parameters monitoring system over sms
  40. Automatic fan control speed system with temperature sensor and gsm module
  41. Students results declaration system using gsm
  42. Students automatic assignments announcement system using gsm and pic microcontroller
  43. SMS based home security system
  44. SMS based industrial security system
  45. SMS based supervisory control and acquisition system for industry
  46. GSM based speed control of AC motor using thyristors and firing angle control circuit
  47. GSM operated line follower robot
  48. GSM controlled obstacle avoidance robot
  49. GSM controlled fighting robot
  50. GSM controlled fire extinguisher robot
  51. gsm operated table solver robot
  52. Remote control of production system for industry using gsm
  53. wireless real-time home control system using gsm and ZigBee
  54. Railway security system using gsm
  55. School gate security using gsm
  56. railway track monitoring system using gsm
  57. Railway accident protection system using gps and gsm modules
  58. Prepaid electricity billing system using gsm module
  59. Green house monitoring and controlling with sms using gsm module
  60. vending machine control system with sms
  61. UPS protection system with sms
  62. house wiring protection system and control with gsm
  63. Accident informed system using gsm module
  64. Vehicle engine control system in case of theft using gsm
  65. Automatic meter reading for electricity bills using gsm module
  66. Automatic AC controller using gsm and temperature sensor
  67. Home automation system through call
  68. Credit card and debit card security system with single sms using gsm module
  69. Regular sms report of industrial production of different things using gsm module
  70. Vehicle fuel monitoring system using gsm module
  71. Dam water controlling system using gsm
  72. Generator real and reactive power control system using gsm
  73. Transmission lines parameters monitoring system using gsm
  74. Automatic power factor improvement of industrial load using gsm module
  75. Power factor monitoring system for transmission lines using gsm module
  76. Solar panels parameters measurement system and monitoring using gsm module
  77. Rain level monitoring system using gsm module
  78. Gsm based notice board with graphical liquid crystal display
  79. GSM based substation monitoring system and protection system
  80. Weather monitoring system through gsm module

These are gsm based projects ideas for electrical and electronics engineering students. If you want to share you project with us, write your suggestions in comments.

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