RFID reader RDM630 interfacing with pic microcontroller

RFID reader RDM630 interfacing with pic microcontroller, In this pic microcontroller tutorial you will learn how to interface RFID reader RDM630 with PIC16F877A microcontroller. How to display the RFID tags number on Liquid crystal diplay? RFID reader RDM630 modules are used in many electrical engineering projects . So first we will general properties of RFID reader RDM630 and then we will see how we can interface this RDM630 RFID reader module with pic microcontroller.RFID module RDM630 interfacing with pic microcontroller

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Introduction to RDM630 RFID reader

RDM630 RFID module is a low cost RFID reader. you can purchase it in less than 5$. It works on 125kHz radio frequency. So you need RFID tags or cards which can communicate with RFID reader on 125KHz frequency. RDM630 RFID module work on transistor transistor logic or in short TTL logic. Its mean you need to provide 5 volt dc to power supply pins of this module.It has UART communication function. Its mean it can communicate with microcontroller through serial communication.  It has TTL RS232 format. It mean you can interface it with any device having TTL  logic level. It is very light weight. Picture of RFID module is shown belowRDM630 RFID reader module

Pin configuration of RDM630 RFID reader module

Pinout of this module is given below. It consists of 10 pins out of which only 5 pins are required to interface this RFID tag reader with pic microcontroller.  pin out is shown below:pinout of RMD630 RFID module

It has three headers. Details of P1 header pins are given below:

  • Pin number 1 TX is a data transmit pin of Uart of rfid readder
  • Pin number 2 RX is a data receive pin
  • Pin number three is not used
  • Pin number four is a ground connection for power supply
  • Pin number five is for 5 volt power supply.

Antenna is connected on P2 header. Details of P2 header pins are given below:

  • Pin number one is terminal number one of Antenna
  • Pin number two is terminal two of Antenna.

Pin number one on header P3 is a light emitting diode. It is status or indication LED. It normally remains on and turns off while reading rfid tag or card.

Working of RFID reader module

RDM630 rfid reader module consists of a driver and a coils which are connected to driver.  It generates and modulates radio frequency signal of frequency 125KHz.  When we place the the 125KHz RFID card near to this generated radio frequency field, they get the energy to transfer power to master rfid module.  For more details on RFID and its working check this link.

RDM630 RFID reader module interfacing with pic microcontroller

Now you know everything about this module and you know how it works. Now its time to see how to interface rfid module module with pic16f877a microcontroller. But you can interface it with any pic microcontroller which supports UART communication. As I mentioned earlier, RDM630 RFID read module transmit data on serial communication. The PIC16F877A microcontroller supports UART communication.  So we can easily interface this module with PIC16F877A microcontroller. It is obvious that rfid reader will be the transmitter and pic micrcontroller will be the receiver.  

So to interface pic microcontroller you should connected pin number one of header P1 of RFID module which transmit data pin to pin number RC7 of PIC16F877A microcontroller. Also connected 5 volt and ground to RFID module. Also remember that ground of pic16f877a and rfid module should be common if you are using separate power supplies for both of them otherwise no need. So this was all about connection diagram with pic microcontroller and RFID module. Complete working is shown below:

So now you should now how to interface LCD with PIC16F877A microcontroller and how to use UART module of PIC16F877A microcontroller to write and understand code for this project. If you don’t know read the following articles:

Code for RFID module interfacing with Pic microcontroller

Code for RFID reader interfacing with pic16f877a microcontroller is given below. Code is written in Mikro c for pic compiler.

Code rfid interfacing with pic microcontroller

LCD is connect with PORTD to display the rfid tags or card numbers.

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