Electronics projects for engineering students

Electronics projects for electronics engineering students; this page contains a list of 100’s of electronics projects to learn electronics. Starting from basic level electronics projects to complicated electronics projects. Many electronics engineering students want to learn electronics and they are very passionate to learn electronics by doing some electronics projects in university. Mostly students work on electronics projects in their semester projects.  This page helps you to find suitable electronics project for your semester project.

Electronics projects circuits for engineering students
Electronics projects circuits for engineering students

What is best way to learn electronics?

I have seen many people searching on Google to find answer to this question. Best way to learn electronics is the implementation and practical use of electronics components in your projects. But students mostly work on electronics projects in semester projects only. For example in basic electronics course, students study each and every thing about electronics components like diode, transistor, MOSFET and IGBT’S. But they don’t use electronics components in their projects regularly.  The best way to learn or master electronics is to use electronics components regularly in your projects. Build circuits using electronics components and analyze the working and function of each component.

Try to read your circuits like a book and keep practicing. If you can’t build your circuit on hardware at least use electronics simulation software’s like proteus, orcad etc to simulate electronics projects circuits. Make changes in your circuit and check results of your circuit.   Below is a list of electronics projects which you can use to learn electronics and also for your semester electronics projects.

                                                           Electronics Projects
1 Dark Detector with alarm
2 Automatic street light control
3 Three phase sine wave generator
4 Transformer less power supply
5 Digital clock using pic microcontroller and DS1307
6 Globe light auto turn on and turn off
7 Automatic camera activation with short delay
8 Power supplies for electronics projects
9 Adjustable power supply
10 Adjustable power supply using  LM317
11 Time delay circuits
12 Decreasing light flasher
13 Bike turning signal project
14 H bridge
15 Touch on and touch off switch
16 Random blinking LEDs
17 PWM controller
18 Limit switches
19 Voltage multipliers
20 Clap Switch
21 Fly back Oscillator
22 Vehicle detector
23 Audio Amplifier
24 Capacitor discharge circuit
25 Code lock using simple transistor
26 Voltage doublers
27 Adjustable High Current Regulated Power Supply
28 Nickel cadmium NiCad BATTERY CHARGER
29 Crystal tester
30 Low voltage detection circuit
31 Fluorescent lamp inverter
32 Car light alert system
33 Hand held microphone
34 Water level detector
35 Simplest Automatic battery charger
36 Protection against low voltage, low voltage cut out.
37 Energy saver driver using 12 volt battery
38 Audio sound detector
39 Capacitor tester
40 Emergency light using High bright LED’s
41 Relay off delay circuit
42 Digital signal amplifier
43 Movement detection using PIR sensor
44 Zener diode tester
45 Vehicle head lights time extender
46 Supply voltage monitor circuit
47 Solar charger for solar panels
48 38KHz infrared transmitter and receiver link
49 Fridge opening alarm for longer time
50 Battery low voltage detector
51 Watt meter
52 Load Matcher
53 FM tuning meter
54 Record restorer
55 Tape Dubbing filter
56 AC line regulator
57 RF filter
58 Motel Alarm
59 Automatic AC to DC power supply
60 Power failure Alarm
61 Open circuit burglar alarm
62 IF signal  generator
63 Voltage Tripler
64 Audio signal Tracer
65 Radio control system
66 Square shaper
67 Sine wave to square wave converter
68 Uni-torue speed control of motor
69 Light controlled switch
70 Lamp dimmer
71 Appliance tester
72 Low voltage diode tester
73 Silicon rectifier tester
74  acceleration measurement using Arduino Uno R3
75  how to make obstacle avoidance robot using arduino
76  Zigbee interfacing with Arduino
77  piezoelectric sensor interfacing with Arduino Uno R3
78  Distance measurement using Ultrasonic sensor and Arduino
79  real time clock DS1307 interfacing with Arduino
80  infrared sensor interfacing with Arduino
81  light sensor and street light control using Arduino
82  Analog voltage reading using Arduino UNO R3
83  Auto intensity control of street lights using pic microcontroller
84  Line follower robot using microcontroller
85  Automatic control of street lights
86  Smart solar charge controller using microcontroller
87  Smart under and over voltage protection system for home
88  Green house intelligent control system
89  solar panel parameters measurement system
90  12 volt 1.3AH battery charger circuit diagram
91  Negative 12 volt using 555 IC
92  Zero crossing detection using op-amp
93  Wireless temperature sensor using gsm and microcontroller
94  Send sms using gsm module and pic microcontroller
95  Solar inverter using sg3525
96  Modified sine wave inverter using pic microcontroller
97  circuit diagram of pure sine wave inveter
98  DC to DC converter using push pull topology
99  Pure sine wave inverter using PIC microcontroller
100  Solar tracking system using pic microcontroller
101  Solar power auto irrigation system using microcontroller
102  metal detector robot using pic microcontroller
103  Digital humidity sensor using PIC microcontroller
104  Digital frequency meter using pic microcontroller
105  Temperature sensor using PIC16F877A microcontroller
106  Speed control of DC motor using PIC microcontroller part 1
107  Speed control of DC motor using microcontroller part 2
108  AC Voltage measurement using PIC16F877A microcontroller
109  alternating current measurement using pic microcontroller
110  Automatic transfer switch for generator
111 UPS uninterruptible power supply circuit diagram

More Electronics Projects. Keep visiting out website for more electronics projects related to electrical, electronics, microcontrollers and power electronics. I will keep updating this page with new electronics projects. If you also want to add your electronics project in this list. Comment on this post with your email address.

 112   Smart under and over voltage protection system for home
 113   Cuk converter circuit design using pic microcontroller
 114  Buck Boost converter with pic microcontroller and ir2110
 115  Boost converter using IR2110 and pic microcontroller
 116  Buck converter using pic microcontroller and IR2110
 117  LED driver using UC3842
 118  triac firing angle control circuit
 119  Transformer less power supply for microcontrollers
 120  Tilt Switch
 121  Power Alarm
 122  Electric eye Alarm 
 123 Light and dark sensor 
 124  Smart continuity tester
 125  12 volt battery monitoring circuit
 126  low power amplifier
 127  dual voltage power supply using 7812
 128  Automatic device locator
 129  Lead acid battery charger
 130  NiCad sensor for heli
 131  R/C switch
 132  R/C timer switch
 133  Led display voltmeter
 134  Simple constant current source
 135  Sequential LED flasher
 136  Servo pulse generator
 137  Receiver back up power
 138  Car NiCad battery charger
 139  Constant current source charger
 140  Servo pulser
 141  Solar NiCad charge controller
 142  Adjustable current source
 143  Solar charge controller for 7.2AH battery
 144  Comparator using op-amp
 145  Lead acid battery charger

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